It Begins…

Where to start? We can all procrastinate over one thing or another, this is not perfect, that is not quite right, the images, the videos, the layout, the logos blah blah blah. At the end of the day it all means nothing if you don’t know who you are selling to.

So take the time to decide; Exactly WHO am I selling this product/service to?
What do THEY want and need?

Here are some videos to help you work it all out. Do it guys, it is critical to success



You know it’s funny but some of your clients actually want to do more with you, want to give your more time, more money. Do you have anything for them?

Another funny thing, some people want cheap and basic, others want personalised, intensive and involved. They are prepared to pay for it too. Do you have something for them?

No this doesn’t mean 50 new niches, this is WITHIN your niche, so the girls you train in your semi private group training. Let’s say that is your mid range product. Do you think some might want to spend a 3 day weekend with you on a Fitness Retreat? That might be your high end product? Do you think some of them might want a weekly recipe guide that is online delivered to them that fits the nutrition program you follow in your gym? That might be your low end product.

Don’t leave money on the table guys. Even within your current circle, there is an elegant business model.